Horse Export Service

We Pick Up Your Horse

We pick up the horse anywhere in Iceland. The carriages are safe and recent in which the horses are transported.

We Arrange all documents

We take care of all export papers, that they are stamped with the authorities and register a horse passport for your horse.

We Export Your Horse to You

We have your horse examined by a veterinarian and finally we transport the horse for export to your home country.


Since 1986

Gunnar Arnarson ehf. has been Exporting Horses Since 1986.

The total number of horses we have exported in the period of time is now close to 20.000. The majority of horses go to Germany, Denmark and Sweden. The biggest market is Europe. Flights to North America are increasing. We also export horses to more exotic places that not many Icelandic horses have been to before, for example: New Zealand, Russia, Australia and the Philippines.

Most of the horses are shipped by air and there are frequent flights to our main destination in Liege Belgium, up to 2 times a week. We also Export horses to other destinations include, Norrköping in Sweden and to New York, USA, 6-10 times a year. We also provide connections from Liege to Kolding Denmark for easier pickup to owners located in the Scandinavian countries.

Shipping by see is only over the summer time and then mostly to the Faroe islands and Greenland.

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