History of Auðsholtshjáleiga

The aim of Auðsholtshjáleiga is to breed excellent horses; for Pleasure Riding, Competition Horses and for Horse Breeding.

Auðsholtshjáleiga Breeding farm has been selected as The Best Breeding Farm of The Icelandic Horse of The Year six times, in 1999, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2011 and 2013 and over the years has been nominated many times among others. The owners Gunnar Arnarson and his wife Kristbjörg Eyvindsdóttir have received the Agriculture Award from the Minister of Agriculture, they where the first horse breeders in Iceland to receive this Award.

Gunnar and Kristbjörg started targeting horse breeding around 1995. Since then, they have bred over 100 First Prize Horses from then to 2020 and are still going strong. Eight horses from them have been sown for Honorary Prize. Four stallions from their breeding have succeeded to win the World Title in Stallion class. The horses that have achieved this title are: Dalvar, Kjarni, Arnoddur and Andvar from Auðsholtshjáleiga. Horses from the farm have also done great in Competitions and Shows. The background of most of Auðsholtshjáleiga horses can be traced to the stallions Hrafn frá Hotlsmúli, Orri frá Þúfu and Ófeigur frá Flugumýri.

In the photo gallery below you can see a little bit of the farm’s history.



From the beginning until the year 2020, we have breed 37 first price Stallions. These stallions have made their mark on our Breeding history by giving a lot of very good line of breeding, competition and riding horses. We are determined to continue on this path breeding the Icelandic Horse.

Every year our stallions welcomes mares here on the farm for covering. Promotion of the Stallions and ordering space for a mare to cover takes place through the farm’s website.

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Breeding Mares

At Auðsholtshjáleiga in Ölfus we breed horses of the highest quality. The goal is to cultivate a good temperament, great gaits and great footwork, as well as the horses have a beautiful physique. We try to achieve this goal by using only well breed, top quality horses that have proven their abilities and talents.